How to Earn a Living Teaching Yoga eBook

Want to know how much money you can make teaching yoga?

Eager to learn how to get a teaching job, promote your classes, and get people in the door?

Here's your access to the inside scoop: An eBook that breaks down everything you need to know about earning a living (or a part of your living) by teaching yoga.

How to Earn a Living Teaching Yoga is the book that I wanted to read when I first decided to become a yoga teacher, but couldn't find anywhere; It's honest and straightforward about what it looks + feels like to teach yoga as a primary source of income, and it's filled with anecdotes and experiences from 5 years spent as a full-time yoga teacher teaching in every setting imaginable.

Being a yoga teacher isn't as glamorous as one might imagine, but it can be an amazing way to begin crafting the life of your dreams and feel much more fulfilled, healthy, and happy at work.

Ready to take the first step? Then read this book.

How to Earn a Living Teaching Yoga will enable you to enter the yoga world with eyes wide open, a clear game plan, and an understanding of this growing, changing industry.

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